Black Trailblazers


Five Page Black History Printable


  • Historic Election Winners
  • Firsts in Space Exploration
  • Firsts in Law
  • Firsts in Science and Medicine
  • Firsts in Aviation

Teaching Black Firsts is not teaching Black history. This printable was created to inspire students to show them what they can achieve, even if it has never been done.



They Paved The Way: Black Trailblazers

Printable Charts for Classroom, Bulletin Board, Homeschooling Space.

Set of 5 Printables featuring Black American Firsts.

Each features six Black Americans and one line on what they achieved or accomplished.

This printable was created to show students what they can accomplish and to motivate them to dream big, and in some cases to introduce them to amazing Black Americans they have never heard of.

This colorful printable can be framed and used as wall/classroom d├ęcor in school or homeschooling area.

Great resource for Black History Month or all year.

Printable on 8.5 x 11 paper (Best printed on card stock if you plan to frame the printable).

If you have any problem printing your file please let us know so we can assist you.


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