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Black History ABC Book

  • Alphabet Book
  • Black history for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten
  • Great book for story time or circle time
  • Bold and bright images that help students understand
  • Resource for home, childcare/learning centers, classrooms




African Americans have made and are continuing to make great contributions to the growth and development of the United States. I AM PROUD I AM GREAT I AM THEM was written to introduce preschoolers to some of those great men and women.

The book is colorful with bold and bright images that will hold the attention of young children.

It includes historical images and other images that will help young learners understand the contribution of each person included in the book.

It is never too early to learn history. I AM PROUD I AM GREAT I AM THEM will help preschoolers learn history while they are learning their ABCs.

This black history ABC book is a great resource for reading time and/or circle time.

Size: 8.5 x 11
Pages: 36
Age: Toddler-Kindergarten

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  1. Celestine Finney (verified owner)

    I first learned of this book from Kathy’s sister . I ordered it because I was curious . I am ordering copies of it for the third time because I have learned so much. I must continue to share it with my little friends and their parents. Parents are learning while teaching their children. Kids are learning their alphabets as well as learning about contributions African Americans have made to our country. How clever! It’s colorful, informative, positive and well written. Feedback from my little friends and their parents support the fact that this is a must read for all. Thank you, Kathy.

  2. Juanita Cheng

    This book is excellent and very educational. I read it with my youngest son; and he really enjoyed learning from it. I recommend this book for anyone who wants to learn Black History as well as its great for teachers and parents with young children.

  3. Renee (verified owner)

    As I spend time with my 4-year-old grandson, reading is one of the activities that we do together. Kathy shared with me that she had a great book for his age group as a new excited reader. The book came quickly as she promised and we spent the first day reading it and he loves to share the ABC history profiles with his older sisters.
    Thanks, Kathy-he is expanding his reading and knowledge of BLACK HISTORY!

  4. Brenda Branch

    This is an amazing Alphabet Book! Not only does it teach the alphabet but at the same time it teaches and expose young readers to the great contributions made by African Americans to America’s history. Great learning experience for your child, your student and even yourself!

  5. Geri White

    This book is colorful… it’s educational… and it’s affirming. I love the size of the book and the ease with which you can hold it, read it and flip from page to page and back again to previous pages.

    The book makes you proud to see people you’ve learned about before – like President Obama, Frederick Douglass, and Rosa Parks – but it also gives you information about people you may have never heard of… which leads to moments of pride and smiles, and exclamations like “I didn’t know that!!” A couple of those people are Lewis Latimer… and Annie Easley.. and Mary Fields… and Garrett Morgan. I believe the book will help all of the children – and even some adults – who read this book see that they can reach for careers and accomplishments they never thought of.

    I haven’t given my grandsons their copy of the book yet. But… I am sure they’ll love it… ask a lot of questions… and we’ll find more items to buy.

  6. Lori Cobb

    The book arrived neatly packaged in a protective clear wrapping and I was excited to open it. It is bright, vibrant and keeps the attention of children. The pictures and language allow for the book to be an interactive part of morning circle and compliments the curricula on various levels. So much of what is highlighted can be connected to science, community helpers, citizenship, and math. The book was well thought out and will go a long way in our preschool classrooms. I am pleased that our students will be able to have such a positive representation of African Americans associated with the alphabet.
    Lori Cobb, Owner of Tiniest Footprints Early Learning & Childcare Center

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