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Large Black History Alphabet Cards (8.5 x 11) One letter per card in upper and lowercase manuscript font plus a little black history These bright, colorful and informative alphabet cards are a great language arts resource for young learners. Purchase Options: Cards ($24.99) Download ($10.00)



Black History Alphabet Cards

One letter per card in manuscript font, with historical images of African Americans or activities that begin with that letter.

Cards include an occupation or profession starting with that letter plus an image of an African American who has worked in or is currently working in that field.

  • Colorful and informative
  • Use them for your bulletin board or as a part of your lesson
  • Great and easy way to include Black History

Produced on glossy card stock.
Size: Each Card 11 x 8.5
Item #: BP-1025

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Black History Alphabet Cards

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7 reviews for Alphabet Cards

  1. Angel (verified owner)

    These cards are so AMAZING! I am learning right along with my students. Thank you so much for creating this valuable resource!

  2. Carolyn P. (verified owner)

    These will be fantastic for my students. Thank you so much!

  3. KizzyAnn Hudson

    I am so happy I purchased these alphabet cards and posters to homeschool my children. The quality of the alphabet cards are amazing and an excellent learning tool for everyone. I am so grateful I get to share my history with my children outside from what they previously learned in the public school system. Thank you Black Ed History Zone for making this possible.

  4. Lori Cobb, M.Ed

    As the Chief Schools Officer of iLearn Schools, I recognize the challenges of exposing students to African Americans that have made significant contributions to society. These Black History Alphabet Cards are vibrant and attractive and therefore draw the attention of students and adults alike. Each alphabet card offers the opportunity to learn the names of three African Americans, when each was born, their profession/occupation and the contribution that each has made. The cards feature prominent African Americans and introduce students and teachers to lessor known men and women who are an important part of history. Purchasing a set of Black History Alphabet Cards for each of my K-3 classrooms proved to be a great decision as the cards are both a focal point and conversation starter.

  5. Val Lewis

    I am so excited about these Black History Alphabet cards. What a great concept. I think there is much more black history info compiled here than there are in the current K-12 history books. A person would have had to do a lengthy research using several sources to get the info that is readily available on these cards. The information is so well organized. Each alphabet card presents just enough content without me feeling overwhelmed. I’m particularly pleased with the easy-to-read non intimidating format. The color is vibrant, and the printed images are clear and in a reader-friendly font. The paper is thick, and of a good quality. My granddaughter is five, just learning to read and write. So I’m happy that each card bears the traceable corresponding alphabet letter, so she can practice her penmanship, as we also read and learn together the black history facts. My grandson, who is a few years older, is also benefitting from them. I have learned so much more facts about so many historical black figures, than the most popularly known few, that are repeatedly shown and discussed, usually in February, (Black History Month). I think these Black History Alphabet cards would be a much needed addition to the K-12 school curriculum, in addition to the home library. I can think of a few people I’d like to gift these cards to, including my granddaughter’s Pre-K teacher. This is an excellent learning tool for all ages, and all races.

  6. Renee Brandon

    I use the cards to supplement what my grandchildren are learning in school/daycare. In addition to being a great tool to help them learn the alphabet, it leads to some terrific conversations about African American contributions to society. I love that I’m sharing positive images and building confidence so early in their development.”
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  7. Katori Walton

    So happy to finally have a product that outlines the accomplishments of African Americans that are not found in your everyday history books. I use the cards for both letter recognition as well as a history tool for my children that I home school. Thank you Black Ed History Zone for introducing a product that teaches me and my children even more about our roots!!! GREAT PRODUCT!!!!”

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